About Broken

The Story

Broken was inspired by the true story of Tārore, a Māori girl who was murdered in the mid 1800's. Tārore always carried with her the Gospel of Luke , but when she was killed by a marauding tribe, the book was stolen by her murderer. Incredibly, her father decided not to seek revenge for her murder, but to instead forgive. And then, when the Gospel was eventually read to Tārore's murderer, he was so filled with remorse that he sought out Tārore's father and asked him for forgiveness. Because of this, peace was made between their two warring tribes.

In our modern-day version, Logan an ex-gang leader, has left the gang life to raise his daughter Tori. But when Tori is murdered by an opposing gang in town, Logan must choose between forgiveness or revenge. Cruz, Tori's murderer, must also choose forgiveness in order to end the cycle of hatred and revenge which is escalating into an inevitable gang war.


The Making of Broken

This project was initiated by the production team of City Impact Church, but it was made possible by the involvement of the community. After running an information night in both Auckland and Gisborne, many people volunteered to be involved both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. All the actors were volunteers, none of which had previous film experience, other than Wayne Hapi who starred in The Dark Horse with Cliff Curtis. Like-wise, many of the crew were also volunteers with no previous film-making experience. Additionally, the working budget for this project was a mere $80,000 which included pre and post production.

Despite these limitations, what we have managed to achieve is amazing. We are so humbled by everyone who put their hand up to be a part of this project. We know that the love, time and dedication of all involved will translate onto the big screen and result in a film that punches above its weight.

The Cast

Tori – Ruby Grubb

Ruby grew up in Wellington, but now calls Auckland home. She is recently married and is in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Auckland. Ruby attends City Impact Church and sings in their worship band. This movie is Ruby's first acting experience.

Logan – Josh Calles

Josh was born and raised in Gisborne. He is married with four children and is in his fifth year as a frontline Police Officer in Gisborne. Broken was Josh's introduction to the film industry. "This was a steep and intense learning curve. But I loved it and would love to do it again."

Cruz – Wayne Hapi

Wayne is of Tuhoe/Whakatohea descent. Broken is Wayne's second feature film having starred in The Dark Horse (2014) with Cliff Curtis and James Rolleston, for which he received an award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Wayne currently resides in Central Auckland where he makes a living as a musician and actor.

Murphy – Jol Sparks

Jol is Gisborne born but was raised in Paeroa. He now lives back in Gisborne with wife Bridget and their two children. Jol, a teacher for 16 years, recently started teaching Drama at NCEA levels. Broken is Jol's first feature film.

Axe – Loupua (Lops) Terepo Lauvulo

Lops is Tongan and resides in South Auckland. He is a crane operator for TCNZ. Three years ago, Lops was released following a six year sentence for gang related violence. "The movie is a big reflection of my life. I had to forgive others and I had to forgive myself. And now I'm free."